What do you learn in training?

Module 01: 
  • Introduction to the Course
  • General concepts
  • Modern aesthetic ideals
  • Selection of patients
  • Artistic human anatomy (abdominal musculature and adipose tissue)
  • Male surgical marking
  • Female surgical marking
  • Surgical tatics on men
  • Surgical tatics on women
  • Vaser
  • Dosimetry of the technique
  • Postoperative care and treatments
Module 02: 
  • Surgery in men edited and narrated (Abdomen and Thorax)
  • Surgery in women edited and narrated (Abdomen, Waist and Arms)
Module 03: 
HD Lipo Abdominoplasty
  • Introduction to HD Lipo Abdominoplasty
  • HD Lipo Abdominoplasty marking
  • Surgical tactics in HD Lipo Abdominoplasty
Module 04:
HD Mini-Abdominoplasty
  • Introduction to HD Mini-Abdominoplasty
  • HD Mini-Abdominoplasty marking
  • Surgical tactics in HD Mini-Abdominoplasty
Module 05:
HD Gluteal Fat Grafting
  • Introduction to  Gluteal Fat Grafting
  • Postmodern ideals of gluteal beauty
  • Anatomical concepts for security
  • Male x female gluteoplasty
  • Marking the 9 quadrants and surgical tactics of female gluteoplasty
  • Marking the 9 quadrants and surgical tactics of male gluteoplasty
Module 06:
HD Liposuction Complications
  • Major complications in HD Lipo
  • Minor complications in HD Lipo
Module 07: 
  • Introduction to the Renuvion module
  • Renuvion technology
  • Fundamental concepts
  • Renuvion indications
  • Suggested powers and flows
  • Surgical strategies
  • Surgical techniques
  • Renuvion in the face and cervical region
  • Complications
Module 08: 
Bonus Classes - Professor Vitor Jaci
  • Marketing for LipoHD
  • Mental triggers to generate more LipoHD surgeries

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What are the LipoHD Course advantages?

Created for plastic surgeons

The LIPOHD Course is intended for plastic surgeons who already have
an initial experience
in traditional liposuction, but want to learn about the new high definition technique.

100% Online

Objective theoretical classes with the general concepts of technique, technology, marking, dosimetry and
surgical tactic. Complete video classes of male and female surgery.

Save Time and

Years of studies and surgical experience compiled in this super training for
you study when you have availability and
review whenever 
you want.

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For the MOST athletic and natural results offered by High Definition Liposuction,
patients are willing to pay more. The result is reflected in your profit margins.

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The digital Course LIPOHD has an excellent cost-benefit when compared to all costs
involved in face-to-face
courses or in congresses.


Escape the REDUCIONAL Paradigm and join the New ARTISTIC Paradigm. The plastic surgeon who wants to shield his market need to invest in KNOWLEDGE.


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Dr. Renata Lopes Vieira

Dr. Max Marques e Marques

Dr. Olimpio César Alencar Cunha

Dr. Sérgio Campos Medeiros

Dr. Luana Romano Carvalho

Dr. Enio Henrique C. Almeida

Dr. Eduardo

Dr. Deyse Oliveira

Dr. Sérgio 

Dr. João Carlos Moura Menezes

Dr. Guilherme C. Minikowski

Dr. Nelson Augusto Letizio

Dr. Christian Macedo

Dr. Ulisses N. Hernandes 

Dr. Fabiana Marcolini

Dr. Fabricio Cardoso

Dr. Fabián 

Dr. Vidal 

Dr. Edinho Gomes Tenório

Dr. Francisco E. Alves Neto

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About  Dr. Eduardo Felipe RaulinoFind out more about the surgeon who created this program

João da Silva
Dr. Eduardo Felipe Raulino, Plastic Surgeon RQE 7748, graduated in 2008 from the Plastic Surgery Service of Hospital Ipiranga in São Paulo (Brazil), he is the creator of the LIPOHD Course and a great scholar of Body Contour Surgery and associated technologies.

He had the opportunity to share experience with the greatest specialist in the world. Today, Dr. Raulino has more than 2.000 HD Liposuction surgeries performed in more than 8 years of experience. In addition to a plastic surgeon, he is also an entrepreneur and mentor in high definition liposuction.